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As one of Italy's most diverse islands, Sicily is the perfect trip away. From the historic cities to the inviting crystal-clear waters, there is plenty of choice to make the most out of your holiday. To help you get started, below is a guide to our favourite things in Sicily...

Things to do in Sicily

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Valley of the Temples

One of the most iconic archaeological sites in Sicily, the Valley of the Temples is one not to be missed. Near to the city of Agrigento, the site highlights a breathtaking collection of Greek temples and ruins that have been well preserved over time. Dating back to ancient times, it was founded around 582 BC and was a major hub for Greek civilisation. Don’t miss the Temple of Concordia, one of the best-preserved Greek temples in the world, which is dedicated to the goddess, Concordia.
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Climb Mount Etna

While in Sicily, you can climb Mount Etna, Europe’s highest and most active volcano. Explore the unique landscapes while on a hike and enjoy the sensational views across Sicily. A thrilling experience, climbing Mount Etna allows you to experience the natural beauty and get out into the great outdoors. There are several routes to choose from, each offering scenic delights. Some popular routes include the Rifugio Citelli (Northern Route) Piano Provenzana (Southern Route) and the cable car route from Rifugio Sapienza.  
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Visit Syracuse

Syracuse is a historic city on the eastern coast of Sicily that gives visitors the opportunity to get lost in ancient ruins, enjoy mesmerising ocean views and immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of the city. The Temple of Apollo is a well-preserved Doric temple located in the heart of Ortigia and is one of the oldest landmarks in the city. Don’t forget to try some of the local cuisine consisting of fresh seafood dishes paired with delicious local wines.  
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Tour the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands sit just off the coast of Sicily and doing a tour of the islands is the best way to soak up the scenery of this volcanic archipelago. Comprising seven islands, they are a UNESCO World Heritage site offering a range of activities for visitors to enjoy. Lipari is the largest island with charming streets and a lively atmosphere. Or head to Vulcano to enjoy its therapeutic mud baths and springs, perfect for a relaxing spa day.
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Discover Piazza Armerina

A picturesque town in the heart of Sicily, Piazza Armerina is home to stunning architecture. Head to the historic centre and stroll through the charming streets that are filled with local shops, bars and restaurants. Admire the medieval architecture on every turn and soak up the atmosphere. With a mix of historical treasures and cultural experiences, add Piazza Armerina to your Sicily bucket list.

Where should I go in Sicily?


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The towns...

One of Italy's most beautiful towns, Taormina, is set on the hilltop and offers picturesque coastline and captivating views. Lemon trees brighten the cobbled streets and it's easy to lose yourself in the inviting passages and gardens such as Villa Comunale. Another must-see town is Castelbuono. Its frescoed church winds up a hillside to a grand 14th-century castle. Charming restaurants and cafes dot the town, so be sure to try the traditional cuisine on your visit.

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The sea...

Crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches are abundant in Sicily, and the seaside town of Cefalù will not disappoint. Whether you're looking to explore its rich culture and heritage or simply settle for long sun-drenched days on luxurious beaches, it has it all. Another wonderful option is Giardini Naxos, where you can take a walk along the long promenade, grab a gelato and soak up the warm Sicilian temperatures. 

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The mountains...

The diversity of Sicily is evident in its mountainous terrain. Just a 30-minute drive from Cefalù, you'll reach the Madonie Mountains. As Sicily's largest mountain range, there is so much to explore. Discover mountain villages, such as San Mauro Castelverde, and tiny hamlets including Karsa. You could even visit the highest municipality of the Madonie Mountains, Petralia Soprana. Enjoy traditional Sicilian cuisine as you admire the spectacular views.

What is there to eat in Sicily?


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You can't leave Sicily without trying the iconic arancini. Indulge in these fried rice balls that are filled with ragu, peas, mozzarella, and more. They won't be hard to track down in Sicily as they are often piled high in shop windows and are the perfect snack as you stroll along the streets.
Sicily is also very well known for cakes, sweets and pastries. The most famous of them all has to be the well celebrated cannoli - small cones filled with creamy, flavoured ricotta and almost always enriched with pieces of chocolate. Although they are a staple of Sicilian cuisine, you will now find them in bakeries all over Italy.

Where should I stay in Sicily?


Cefalù Sea Palace
In peaceful surroundings above Sorrento and the Bay of Naples, the Cefalù Sea Palace has some of the most magnificent views on the coast. A highlight is the lovely terrace looking out over the terracotta rooftops of Sorrento town. 
Hotel Villa Belvedere
Situated in the clifftop town of Taormina, Hotel Villa Belvedere offers some of the best views of the region. Enjoy a swim in the pool, set in the fragranced terraced garden, whilst admiring the spectacular scenery of Mount Etna and bay of Naxos. The friendly atmosphere of this family-owned hotel makes it the ideal location for those looking to relax in idyllic surroundings, as well as explore the historical town a few minutes' walk away. 
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