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Italy Holiday Destinations

Holidays to Italy offer a huge variety: from cities and picturesque towns to vast mountains, sparkling lakes and soft sandy beaches.

Begin exploring this wonderful country with the evocative history of cities like Rome, Venice and Florence. Immerse yourself in the romantic splendour of the Italian Lakes and mountains or enjoy a truly relaxing break in the dreamy countryside of Tuscany and Umbria. If you’re looking for a beach break, make the most of the unique charms of the Mediterranean coast and the distinctive islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy is a nation of contrasts, so you’ll probably need several visits to really take it all in. One way to get the most out of your next trip is with a multi-centre holiday. From shopping and high fashion in Milan to the vibrant gastronomy of Naples, Italy’s cities are an adventure in themselves. Pair urban exploration with our selection of charming villages, secluded beaches or tempting vineyards and get the most from your time away.

Explore Italy like no other

At Citalia our dedicated experts can help you decide exactly what you want from your next trip, offering you an Italian holiday like no other.

Some travellers will have Baroque architecture and famous Renaissance artworks at the top of their “to do” lists, while others will be more into relaxing on a rural patio by a traditional pizza oven. At Citalia we have it all covered, with captivating properties dotted around the whole of Italy, plus guided excursions to help you delve deeper into some of the country’s most famous sites.

Prefer the road less travelled? Southern Italy has a deep rooted culture, authentic cuisine, and its residents have a wonderful warmth about them. The pace of life feels slower when compared with the north, and many areas are virtually untouched by the tourist crowds. Sun baked Calabria and Puglia – with their dramatic coastlines and beautiful old cities – form the toe and the heel of Italy, while rustic Basilicata sits between them, with its mountains, forests and hilltop villages.

Explore Italy

Coast & Islands

Holidays to Italy’s coast and islands provide some of the most picture perfect views around, with a varied coastline where there’s something for everyone and many wonders to discover. Take in the beautiful beaches of Tuscany’s coastline, with their alpine backdrops, or the breath taking beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Whatever your preferences, lively and busy or quiet and untouched, Italy’s coastline has it all.

Find out more about the coast & islands
Sorrento Holidays
Holidays in Sorrento bring you the delights of small-town coastal Italy in close proximity to the bustling city of Naples Breathing in the lemon scented air in the cliff top surroundings of the town, you can gaze across the Bay of Naples to the city with Mount Vesuvius in the background.
Amalfi Coast Holidays
Amalfi is often described as the crown jewel of the spectacular Neapolitan Riviera and quite rightly so: set beneath the majestic peak of Monte Cerreto, Amalfi’s colourful jumble of pastel-shaded buildings and sandy beachfront offers the best of Italy in one compact package
Ischia Holidays
Holidays in Ischia invite you to one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Far from a tourist destination, Ischia is the island lesser known to tourists and loved by locals, tucked away in plain sight next to its more happening and busier neighbour, Capri.
Capri Holidays
Holidays in Capri combine the luxuries of high end shopping and the authenticity of the great outdoors. Situated on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, the island has been a popular holiday destination since the Roman Republic era, with the area’s main town adopting the same name.
Cilento Holidays
Holidays to Cilento will introduce you to one of Italy’s best kept secrets. Located on the west coast, one of the more remote parts of the Campania region, it’s around an hour’s drive from Naples.
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands Holidays
Holidays to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands give visitors the chance to experience a unique region of Italy with its own history, culture and cuisine. Sitting right at the tip of Italy, Sicily is the largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean and offers a fascinating mix of cultures and architecture. 
Sardinia Holidays
Holidays to Sardinia will leave you spoilt for choice. This Mediterranean paradise, most famous for its glamourous Costa Smeralda strip, allures sun seekers with the promise of white gold sands and glittering blue seas.
Tuscany Coast Holidays
Holidays along the Tuscany Coast take you beyond the beautiful gently undulating, tree spiked countryside that is characteristic of this enchanting part of Italy.
Liguria Holidays
Holidays in Liguria will introduce you to charming villages of unadorned beauty, places where you can get to know the locals and embrace their slower pace of life. If you prefer a life of luxury, visit swanky resorts with chic bars and restaurants and neatly moored super yachts.
Puglia Holidays
Holidays to Puglia take you to the sun soaked heel of Italy which is said to be one of the most beautiful and captivating regions in the country. Puglia is abundant in stunning countryside, sandy beaches, historic cities and splendid locally grown produce for which this food-focused area is particularly famous. 
Calabria Holidays
Holidays to Calabria are ideal for those wanting to explore a lesser known area of Italy. Here you’ll find beaches to rival the Bahamas and water so blue you’ll want to dive straight in. The region sits within the ‘toe’ of Italy - a long peninsula which is bordered by the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the east.


Holidays to Italian cities offer an enticing mixture of ancient monuments, breath taking scenery, exquisite dining and some of the best shopping in the world. Whether you prefer a short break to one city or a longer trip visiting two or three, either is possible with the high speed rail links available. 

Find out more about the cities
Rome Holidays
Rome – the Eternal City – is often said to be the world’s greatest open-air museum, boasting hundreds of historic sights around every corner and in every square. 
Florence Holidays
Holidays in Florence allow you to experience one of Europe’s most culturally and historically significant cities. Florence is a vibrant city nestled among the idyllic green hills of Tuscany. 
Venice Holidays
Holidays to Venice have an unforgettable appeal. With beautiful historic buildings, traditional gondolas to transport you around the waterways and a romantic ambience to warm every heart, this really is a special place
Verona Holidays
Holidays in Verona take you to a city steeped in culture. Galleries, opera and Romanesque and Gothic architecture make this the perfect destination for art and history buffs.
Milan Holidays
Holidays to Milan are for dusting off your finest clothing and surrounding yourself with all the Italian elegance and finery you could desire. 
Turin Holidays
As Italy’s fourth largest city, Turin has an impressive backdrop of the Italian Alps and is the capital of the Piedmont – a region famous for its gastronomy.
Naples Holidays
Holidays in Naples take you to the ancient capital of Campania, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities.
Bologna Holidays
Bologna is one of Italy’s most elegant and exciting cities, acclaimed for its food and architecture.


Holidays in the Italian lakes take you to a region of elegant charm and natural beauty, where historic lakeside villages lie below epic mountain scenery. Travellers have been coming here for decades in search of romance and outdoor adventures, to visit the area’s baroque palaces, explore winding mountain trails and soak up the chic but laid back ambience.

Find out more about the lakes
Lake Garda Holidays
Holidays to Lake Garda offer visitors some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Situated in the north of the country, just west of Verona, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. 
Lake Como Holidays
Holidays to Lake Como offer visitors a true taste of Italian luxury, romance and beauty.
Lake Maggiore Holidays
Holidays to Lake Maggiore take you to the southern side of the Italian alps, the second largest in Italy and is one of the country’s most spectacular destinations, spanning more than forty miles.
Lake Orta Holidays
Holidays to Lake Orta take you to the best kept secret of the Italian Lakes in Northern Italy. 
Lake Iseo Holidays
Lake Iseo is situated between Lake Garda and Lake Como, and has a relaxed natural beauty. 


Holidays to Italy's countryside invoke images of a warm sun beating down on the red rooftops of a village nestled in dense green hillsides. Grape vines rustle in the wind and ivy clings to parched brick walls.

Find out more about the countryside
Tuscany Countryside Holidays
Travel the world and you’ll still struggle to find anywhere quite like Tuscany – an unrivalled blend of medieval heritage and glorious countryside. Much of the charm comes from the region’s dreamy hills, which are accessorised with vineyards and hilltop towns.
Umbria Holidays
Umbria, often called Italy’s green heart, has a powerful sense of tradition. Its towns and cities are smaller and more authentic in many ways, allowing you to see the ‘untouched Italy’. With magnificent palaces, thought-provoking museums, Romanesque cathedrals and picturesque churches, each with their own place in history, it’s easy to binge on art and culture. 
Piedmont Holidays
Bordering France and Switzerland, Piedmont is a region that’s as diverse and picturesque as you would expect. Surrounded on three sides by the Alps, Piedmont boasts some of the highest peaks and largest glaciers in the country, but it also has some of the most beautiful landscapes, with expanses of vineyards and lakes including Maggiore and Orta.
Basilicata Holidays
Basilicata is a region that’s stayed relatively unexplored compared to Italy’s big-name destinations. Down in southern Italy, sharing a border with Puglia, this rural, agricultural region is characterised by rolling mountain landscapes crowned with historic hilltop towns. The region is a fascinating place to explore for visitors interested in off-the-beaten-track Italy, with beautiful scenery to hike and a patchwork of sights for history buffs to seek out.
Calabria Holidays
Holidays to Calabria are ideal for those wanting to explore a lesser known area of Italy. Here you’ll find beaches to rival the Bahamas and water so blue you’ll want to dive straight in. The region sits within the ‘toe’ of Italy - a long peninsula which is bordered by the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the east.

Things to do in Italy

On a holiday in Italy you’re never far from a captivating museum or art gallery. But even if you never step foot inside the Uffizi or the Doge’s Palace, many Italian towns and cities feel like open air museums. From the grand ruins of ancient Rome to stunning little gems like San Gimignano and Pitigliano, there is plenty to be explored.

If you want to see a whole region in one trip, book one of our escorted tours for small groups. These include beautiful areas like Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Puglia and Sicily, where you can enjoy scenic walks, wine tastings and even cookery classes, all with the help of a knowledgeable local guide.

If you’re staying in a single location, Citalia’s excursions are a great way to get more from your holiday. We offer a wide range of days out, from guided tours of historic cities to train trips through the Alps.
Flight Information

Flying is the quickest and easiest way to get to Italy from the UK and there are plenty of direct flights available to most airports within Italy. The biggest choice of flights are available from London and Manchester but you'll also be able to fly to certain destinations from regional airports. Flights take from 2 to 4 hours depending on where you fly from/to.

Visa Information

At the current time, British citizens do not require a visa to visit Italy.


You don’t have to leave a tip in Italy – most Italians don’t tip for restaurant meals, bar drinks, taxi rides or hair and beauty treatments. However if you do leave a tip, you might receive quicker service.

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Listen to our Learn Italian podcast, where we cover everything from basic to intermediate phrases.

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