A man rows a Gondola down a narrow canal in Venice
A man rows a Gondola down a narrow canal in Venice

Safer Tourism Pledge

Ensuring you stay safe and well on your holiday

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Here at Citalia we are proud to have joined other travel companies in signing the Safer Tourism Foundation’s Pledge. The Safer Tourism Foundation was established in 2016 and is an independent foundation led by its Board of Trustees. The key aim is to ensure everyone who travels on holidays stays safe and well. The Safer Tourism Foundation works alongside tour operators to produce campaigns for the consumer on tips to have a safer and enjoyable holiday. Further information can be found on the Safer Tourism Foundation’s website https://safertourism.org.uk/

The Pledge is detailed below and relates to our Health & Safety systems and processes which have been validated by members of the Safer Tourism Board.

The Pledge

“We” = the relevant company
“You” = the traveller

  1. We support the aims of the Safer Tourism Foundation, to reduce the numbers of people who get hurt or die in accidents on holiday
  2. We will do what we can within reason to keep you safe and well when you are travelling, and we ask the same of those who work on our behalf overseas
  3. But no trip is risk free. We will provide you with advice and information and we ask that you use this to help you stay safe and well on your trip
  4. If you have a genuine concern about your wellbeing, or that of other travellers, we want to hear about it so that we can do something about it
  5. We are working with other companies across the travel industry to share what we know a bout travel safety, for the benefit of everyone who travels
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