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Porto d’Ischia is the island’s capital, known to locals purely as ‘Ischia’. Situated on the eastern coast of Ischia, this town is the closest settlement to the mainland and so acts as the island’s premier port, with great transport links to Naples and Procida. Once an established spa town, Porto d’Ischia is now home to an increasing number of trendy restaurants and chic bars, mostly set along the popular seafront ‘Right Bank’ promenade. Further inland, visitors can find pine forest parks and thermal spas, but the main highlights are found by the coast. San Pietro Beach is the most popular, thanks to its impressive stretch of sand and handful of intimate beach bars. Ischia’s most popular attraction is also at the seafront – Aragonese Castle. Dating from 474 BC, this remarkable fortification can easily be reached via a dramatic causeway that juts from the mainland into the sea.

When it comes to food and drink, Porto d’Ischia truly excels. Visitors will find a diverse array of eateries spread between the seafront and the city’s main shopping street, with options ranging from modern haute cuisine to authentic home-made fare. Wine-making is a popular industry here too, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to experience this nearby.

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Things to do in Porto d'Ischia

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Thermal Spas

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La Mortella Gardens

You wouldn’t be far wrong to say that Ischia is perhaps Campania’s most beautiful destination. Yet you wouldn’t be completely right either, because that accolade surely goes to Procida – a little-known island between Ischia and the mainland. 

When we say it’s beautiful, we mean truly drop-dead gorgeous. Arranged on a steep cliff side, the island’s main town – Corricella – is a riot of colour, with enchanting toy houses stacking up to a glorious golden church set high above the sea. It would be fair to say that the image on arrival conjures thoughts of Portofino’s steep streets, and the unforgettable villages of Liguria’s Cinque Terre.

Behind the picture-perfect facade lies an intricate warren of historic streets, filled with restaurants and local boutiques. There are other areas on the island waiting to be discovered, too, including beautiful little beaches and the unmissable Terra Murada – a historic fortified village set almost 300 feet above the sea.

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Ischia may only be a few times bigger than Capri, but this famously stunning island boasts more beaches than you can count on both hands. Backed by vineyards and thermal baths, the island’s beaches number among the most charismatic in Italy, with the breathtaking volcanic scenery often playing a role in their splendour.

Ischia Porto (often just ‘Ischia’) is the island’s capital, and not only offers a beautiful sandy beach, but also boasts a lively seafront scene, with thriving beach bars and trendy nightclubs creating an energetic vibe that’s not really rivalled anywhere else on Ischia. The pretty, pastel-coloured beach resort of Sant”Angelo, on the other hand, is wonderfully laid-back and fabulously scenic – spread between the mainland and a gigantic volcanic rock, sheltering a painfully pretty beach. Then there’s Maronti – set just along from Sant”Angelo, and boasting one of the longest and quietest stretches of sand along Ischia’s coastline. 

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Rising majestically from the azure waters of Ischia’s easternmost point, Aragonese Castle is one of Ischia’s most incredible sights and most-visited landmark. The immense castle clings to the top of what was once a natural volcanic rock, and dates from as far back as 474 BC, although most of today’s structure originates from medieval times.

Accessed via causeway from the mainland, Castello Aragonese is often compared to France’s Mont Saint-Michel, and boasts an equally impressive cluster of buildings, with several temples, ancient ramparts and frescoes catacombs hidden deep underground. Once upon a time, the castle was impossible to reach unless you had the right authority. Today, however, a modern lift whisks you into the citadel’s heart.


Opening hours: The castle is open year-round, from 9:00am to sunset.

Price: €10 per adult / €6 per youth aged 10– 14 for access to the entire site. Tickets cost less for selected features (treasury, vault, royal tombs and crypt).

*Prices and opening hours may be subject to change.

","productUrl":"/holidays/italy/campania/ischia/poi/castello-aragonese"}},{"markerID":"parentmarker3","markerIcon":"ACTIVITY","markerTitle":"Thermal Spas","latitude":"40.727016","longitude":"13.902866","onClickDOMSelector":"#parentmarker3","infoWindow":{"infoWindowTemplateSelector":".mapsInfoWindowPOITemplate","productImgUrl":"","productName":"Thermal Spas","productDescription":"

Thanks to the volcanic origins of Ischia, the island is now home to numerous thermal spas and wellness centres. The popularity in thermal rejuvenation has also contributed towards the creation of several thermal gardens, which combine numerous pools with water features and lush, leafy surroundings. 

The Poseidon Thermal Gardens are often considered one of the best examples of a thermal garden on the island, and offers visitors 22 temperature-controlled thermal pools, including Japanese pools and Kneipp baths for hydrotherapeutic purposes. There are, however, natural thermal pools spread across the island that cost very little, and are great for relaxation too.

","productUrl":"/holidays/italy/campania/ischia/poi/thermal-spas-ischia"}},{"markerID":"parentmarker4","markerIcon":"GARDEN / PARK","markerTitle":"La Mortella Gardens","latitude":"40.751694","longitude":"13.873093","onClickDOMSelector":"#parentmarker4","infoWindow":{"infoWindowTemplateSelector":".mapsInfoWindowPOITemplate","productImgUrl":"","productName":"La Mortella Gardens","productDescription":"

La Mortella Gardens are perhaps Ischia’s most beautiful attraction, climbing Forio’s hilly terrain to dramatic summits with sumptuous coastal views. Designed by Susana Walton, wife of composer William Walton, the gardens are an exquisite blend of tropical and Mediterranean flora that works ingeniously with Ischia’s steep hillsides.

The garden triumphed against 100 others back in 2005, when it was voted by Briggs and Stratton as Italy’s most beautiful park. Both owners have now passed on, but their influence can still be felt today, with poignant memorials to them placed carefully within the gardens. Today, the gardens are a dazzling display of synthesis between nature and man, and are surely one of Ischia’s must-visit attractions.


Opening hours: The gardens are open from March 28th to November 1st and operate on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 7pm.

Price: €12 per adult / €10 per youth aged 12 – 18 and visitors aged 70 and above/ €7 for child aged 6 - 12.

*Prices and opening hours may be subject to change.

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