What are Italy Multi Centre Holidays?

What are Italy Multi Centre Holidays?

Have you always dreamed of exploring Italy but don’t quite know where to start or what itinerary to follow? You’re in luck! We’re answering what are Italy multi-centre holidays, before diving into some of the best ways to explore most of what Italy offers.  

So, grab your checklists, as we dive into some of the best Italy multi-centre holidays, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.  

Multi-Centre Holidays Explained 

Multi-centre holidays combine two or more destinations within one holiday. This allows you to experience the best of what Italy has to offer on one trip.  

For example, if you’ve got history buffs and nature lovers travelling together, a multi-centre allows everyone to enjoy the holiday by offering a bit of both. Whether you’re after the city and coast, lakes and countryside, a multi-centre holiday is one of the best ways to explore more of Italy.  

We have been helping our customers discover the real Italy for 90 years now. Our experience and expertise, together with our attention to detail and personal touch, really do make us the leading Italian holiday specialist. We’re with you every step of the way, offering the perfect Italian multi-centre holiday for your needs.  

Best Italian City Multi Centre Holidays

Italy city breaks are by far some of the most popular, but selecting one city to visit is difficult with each offering so much. That’s where Italian city multi-centre holidays are the perfect choice.  

Our Venice, Florence and Rome multi-centre allows you to explore three of the most popular cities in the world. The ten-day tour begins on the canals of Venice, where Gothic architecture and historic sites come together for the ultimate history holiday. Then it’s off to Florence, where art comes to life with some of the most important artworks waiting in the glorious galleries and museums. Your final adventure in the Eternal City of Rome combines the best of art and history with tours of The Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum luring you into the profound history of Italy.  

If you’re looking to explore the city and coast, our Rome and Amalfi Coast multi-centre holiday is a popular choice. You’ll spend four days soaking up the incredible history and art of Rome before taking a train to Naples and a transfer to your luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast. Here you can spend your days wandering through the historic towns and villages, living la dolce vita at your hotel, or hopping on the boat tours to the gorgeous surrounding islands. This 11-day multi-centre offers the best of both worlds, combining the city and the glorious Italian coast.  

Top Tip: When heading to Italy’s magnificent cities, try a walking tour. The expert guide will answer any of your burning questions while taking you to the must-see spots. Explore Venice, Florence or Rome with Citalia’s walking tours.
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Best Italian Lakes Multi Centre Holidays

Holidays to Italy would be nothing without experiencing the incredible Italian lakes. Luckily, Citalia offers a host of Italian lake multi-centre holidays that put you in the best possible spots to enjoy an authentic Italian holiday.  

Lake Como is one of the most popular Italian Lakes, and it’s easy to see why. Luxury, beauty, and romance meet on Lake Como. Among the majestic mansions, pristine gardens, and Michelin-star restaurants, Lake Como holidays offer luxury at its finest.  

For the ultimate luxury, our Lake Como and Milan multi-centre is where you want to be. Starting on the waters of Lake Como, this is your chance to explore the historic villas and stroll along the waterfront walkways before catching the ferry to the next town over for more luxurious exploring and divine cuisine. Then it's off to Milan, the shopping mecca of Italy. From unlimited elite brands to more traditional souvenirs, a trip to Milan is one for the books. Just be sure to leave enough time for soaking in the incredible history at the Duomo Cathedral and art galleries.
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Best Italian Coast Multi Centre Holidays

The Italian coasts offer some of the most sensational experiences with a true authentic Italian feel. The sun-filled sandy bays, calm turquoise waters, and old harbour villages will have you stepping back in time.  

Our Puglia and Sorrento multi-centre places you in the perfect position to savour some of the best architecture in Italy while visiting Puglia. But first, you’ll make your way to the sunshine seaside in timeless Sorrento. Whatever you’re after, the optional day trips to stylish islands like Capri or Ischia are within reach, bringing you the ultimate seaside holiday in Italy.  

The pretty coastal towns and gorgeous beaches await on our Amalfi Coast and Cilento multi-centre. Starting on the Amalfi Coast, the picturesque colourful villages and sensational restaurants invite you to savour the best of Italy. Then it’s off to Cilento to relax in the natural splendour and visit historic sites.
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Best Italian Islands Multi Centre Holidays

Most don’t think of Italy when searching for a sun-filled paradise, but Italy is home to some of the best island holidays in the world. From the shores of Capri to the stunning Sicily and Aeolian Islands, your slice of paradise awaits on Italy’s islands.  

An absolute must for those looking for golden sand beach days and exploring the fascinating historic architecture of Italy is our Palermo, Cefalù and Taormina multi-centre holiday. This 11-day island extravaganza gives you a front-row seat to Italy’s history. From the Greek amphitheatre to the mammoth Mount Etna, you’re in for a real adventure alongside some of the most “Buono” cuisine.
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Best Italian Countryside Multi Centre Holidays

The Italian countryside offers the very best of authentic Italy. Think winding vineyards over lush green hills as far as the eye can see. Wine at sunset while basking in the last bits of sunshine before sitting down to enjoy the region’s best cuisines.  

Our Bologna and Tuscany Countryside multi-centre holiday is the ultimate foodie getaway. From the tasty traditional Bolognese sauce in Bologna to the cured meats of Tuscany, this is the ultimate food lover's holiday. Bologna is, after all, the food capital of the world, thanks to its sensational range of top-tier restaurants. After four days of feasting, it’s time to head to Tuscany with some of Italy’s best wine regions.
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We have been helping our customers discover the real Italy for 95 years now. Our experience and expertise, together with our attention to detail and personal touch, really does make us the leading Italian holiday specialist.

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