Pompeii: The New Dig

Pompeii is one of the most famous sites in the world. While we may have learnt a lot in history class, this historical site has a lot more to tell us. 

In BBC Two’s newest historical marvel, Pompeii: The New Dig, we’re invited to see the largest archaeological excavation in Pompeii of the last generation. As one of the top must-do activities with Citalia, we couldn’t be more excited to see what is uncovered.

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History in the Making

Pompeii has remained an excavation site for over 300 years, with each dig uncovering more about this historic city. In BBC Two’s Pompeii: The New Dig we get a first hand glimpse into one of the most exciting digs ever. 

The historic Pompeii is situated in the Campania region of Italy, near the coast of Naples. This incredible city was a bustling, thriving Roman city with tens of thousands of residents. In 79 AD, the mammoth Mount Vesuvius erupted, covering the city in metres of pumice and volcanic ash, leaving the city frozen in time. 

From huge houses and vast villas to serene statues and amazing artwork, Pompeii waited for the world to discover its very harrowed history. Today we are lucky enough to have excavated much of this historic city, but there is much more than meets the eye. 

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Pompeii: The New Dig

In this fantastic three part series hitting the screens on BBC Two, the archaeologists proudly present the incredible findings over the past year. While the fascinating finds are amazing to see, it is the passion of the archaeologists that makes this show an absolute must-watch. The excitement and emotion displayed while uncovering part of one of the world's greatest marvels is touching, even for those who aren’t history buffs. This is partly due to many of the archaeologists having ancestors from this incredible place, adding a true feeling of the real meaning of being an Italian, familia. 

Starting in an untouched part of Pompeii, the dig begins, uncovering some sensational sites. A large brick oven is discovered, but is too large for private use, leading to a bakery being uncovered, providing invaluable insight into how the poorer inhabitants lived daily life. Freshly baked bread from these historic buildings gave everyone a chance to survive in the ever changing landscape of ancient Roman life where the wealthy thrived. 

For the more affluent, life was about good food, art, and architecture. The frescos uncovered from the buried city also give us some fantastic foodie insights, with one fresco depicting none other than Naples's’ original cuisine, heavenly pizza

It comes as no surprise to learn that the inhabitants of Pompeii had worked out much of what made a comfortable life, including the right ambient lighting. One room, painted black, shows just how ingenious these ancient city dwellers were, foreseeing what the paraffin lamps would do to the walls. They instead painted the walls black to avoid copious cleaning. The beautiful white mosaic floors also allowed for a much brighter space when light cascaded on the tiles. 

There is so much more to come on Pompeii: The New Dig, unearthing the lives of the people of Pompeii and the mysteries that come with them. We get a true sense of the lives of Romans before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, a real treat for history buffs. 

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Uncover Pompeii For Yourself

Now that we know how much of Pompeii is undiscovered, it sure gets the adventurous juices flowing. Luckily, with Citalia, we offer a wealth of ways for you to visit Pompeii and explore this fascinating site for yourself. 

If you’re travelling from stunning Naples, Citalia’s Pompeii and Herculaneum from Naples tour invites you to explore two of the most historic sites in Italy. This full day guided tour allows you to walk in the footsteps of the Romans of Pompeii, exploring the ruins left behind. Then it’s off to neighbouring Herculaneum, a more recent discovery. This part of the region was covered in lava, rather than ash, meaning a lot more remains intact. 

Amalfi Coast holidays offer luxury and sensational scenery to all who visit. Citalia’s Pompeii and Herculaneum from the Amalfi Coast tour offers a full day exploration of the ruins of both historical sites. The tour departs from Conca dei Marini and includes transfers to and from the sites. 

To really get in on the action, Citalia’s Pompeii & Vesuvius Select from Sorrento tour is an absolute must. Starting in Sorrento, the coach drives the 45 minutes to Pompeii, where you are guided through the ruins. Then it’s off to Mount Vesuvius, mainland Europe's only active volcano. The coach climbs a whopping 1,000 metres before you disembark and head up to the crater itself. If you get lucky with a clear day, the views across the Bay of Naples are unmatched. If you don’t have time to enjoy a holiday in Naples, getting a bird's eye view is the next best thing!


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