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Holidays in Alassio were once a regular fixture on the tourist calendar but in recent times it has regained its hidden gem status. Noted for its natural beauty, atmosphere and rich history, it is not to be missed. Visitors will love exploring the cobbled lanes that run parallel to the beach and discovering the authentic restaurants hidden away in the back streets.

There is plenty for couples on a romantic break too. Walk along the long, sandy beachfront or stroll around Alassio’s atmospheric centre, taking in the beautiful shops, churches and piazzas.

Alassio Holidays offer something for everyone, whether it’s relaxed beach days or soaking up the history. The spectacular setting of pastel coloured houses, elegant gardens and luscious hills provides the perfect backdrop for a holiday to remember.

In the evening, visit one of the 100 plus dining establishments. Whether modern and trendy or authentic Italian secret spots, Alassio has it all.

Explore Alassio with Citalia

For over 85 years, we at Citalia have been using our expertise and experience to give our customers the ultimate taste of Italy. Our attention to detail and personal touch sets us apart from other providers and makes Citalia a true Italian holiday specialist.

Get the insider knowledge with Citalia and try something a little different with a trip to Al Frantoio di Aldo Armato, a real local olive factory where friendly, knowledgeable staff will explain how their products are made. You can buy top quality olive oil, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and other local products made on the site, perfect for gifts or for your own kitchen.

If you fancy getting away from the shore for a little while, why not take a boat trip with Guacamaya and spend a few hours sailing in Liguria? Departing from Marina di Andora every day, you can spend the day relaxing as the skipper takes you around Alassio, Laigueglia and Cervo. Enjoy a peaceful time anchored in a beautiful bay, swimming and snorkelling, or be more hands on and learn about sailing.

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Things to do in Alassio

Italy is a country of fine culture and history, and Alassio is no exception. Visit the Muretto di Alassio, a monument dating from the 1960s and made up of plaques bearing the signatures of famous people. Arising from Alassio’s history as a capital of the international highlife in the 1950s, when links with big names in cinema and culture frequented the area, this is an unusual and interesting sight.

As well as Alassio itself, there’s plenty more to experience in the beautiful neighbouring towns. As Alassio is on the Ligurian coastline and with fantastic train connections, it’s easy to build a holiday beyond your hotel. Nearby Sanremo is the remarkable jewel of the Riviera scene: ancient cobbled streets are lined with wine cellars, historic churches and traditional eateries, but this is juxtaposed with cosmopolitan shopping, modern bars and expensive yachts.

Close by there is also the medieval city of Genoa, with its mixture of historic alleyways littered with unique and fascinating shops, historic buildings such as the Duomo and world class attractions, including as Europe’s largest aquarium.

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Top Tips from our Destination Experts

Amanda Curry

Italy Expert
Alassio is a lovely, laid-back town with cobbled lanes running parallel to the beach. Walk along the beach until you reach the Muretto. It’s a wall decorated with 550 ceramic tiles, each one signed by a celebrity who’s visited the town.

Alassio Specialities

Typically, Italian cuisine conjures up images of beautiful pizzas, pasta dishes with exquisite sauces and gelato in every flavour imaginable, but there is plenty more to sample in Alassio.

A must try is Alassio’s own signature product, baci di Alassio, which is a mouth-watering chocolate flavoured macaroon with a soft, chewy centre and a crisp outer biscuit. When translated literally, the name means ‘Kisses from Alassio’ and for chocolate lovers especially, they live up to their name. These little delights are often to be found hidden away in the back streets, in the most authentic of the town’s eateries, allowing you to stumble across them as you explore Alassio.

If you decide to visit nearby Genoa be sure to sample some Genoise cake, a light liqueur flavoured sponge which is a local speciality. The traditional recipe uses air suspended in the batter during mixing to provide volume, rather than chemical leavening. The Genoise cake is notable for its slightly dry texture and is often served with a buttercream frosting but also can be used as a base for the popular Italian desert, Tiramisu.

For the more savoury toothed visitors, San Remo offers a local favourite called sardenara. This focaccia pizza is flavoured with sardines and onions and traditionally does not include tomatoes as the dish was created before the Columbian Exchange. Make sure you find an authentic trattoria to experience the true taste of this Italian delight.

Experience more of Italy by adding an excursion to your holiday

To pre-book one of our specially selected excursions, please call our Italy Experts on 01293 762410*.

Excursions in and around Alassio

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