Top 5 Things to Do in Venice

Venice is an enchanting city in the northeast of Italy. Famous for its historic and cultural delights, Venice is built on a group of small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Unique and beautiful, Venice astounds people with its stunning architecture, rich history, and romantic atmosphere. Kat Farmer, also known as Does My Bum Look 40, was inspired by Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy, and has undertaken her own trip around Venice with Citalia. We take a look at the top five things to do in Venice below. 

Gondola Ride

A trip to Venice is not complete without a ride on a gondola. It’s an iconic and romantic way to see the city, exploring the canals and soaking up the beauty. Be serenaded by the gondolier as you float down the Grand Canal taking in sights like the Rialto Bridge, Fondaco dei Turchi, and the Accademia Gallery as well as gems hidden down the side canals. A gondola ride is a classic Venetian experience that’s sure to leave lasting memories – this is one not to be missed!
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Rialto Fish Market & Rialto Bridge

For lovers of seafood, the Rialto Fish Market is a must see! Located near to Rialto Bridge, the beautiful marble bridge across the Grand Canal, the market is lively and is a great place to meet the locals, soak up the culture and sample some delicious Venetian food. One of the highlights of the market is how fresh the products are – you can see the fish being prepared right before your eyes! The vendors are highly skilled and it’s a special experience watching them work.
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Murano, Burano and Torcello Islands

Take a day trip from Venice to visit the nearby islands. Murano, Burano and Torcello are just a short boat ride away and each island has its own charm. We recommend going with a guide to make the most of your day. 

Murano is known for the art of glassblowing, and you can watch skilled artists crafting some ornaments whilst you’re there.  

Burano is picturesque with its bright coloured houses and is famous for its lacework. Don’t miss trying some of the island’s biscuits which are baked fresh every day. 

Torcello is home to some of the oldest buildings in Venice. It is a quiet and peaceful island, and the highlight is the stunning 7th century Byzantine cathedral. 
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Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, also known as St. Mark’s Square, is the most famous square in all of Venice and is one of the main attractions in the city. St. Mark’s Basilica dominates the square and dates back to the 11th century. Showcasing the most beautiful intricate mosaics and marble columns, it really is a sight to see.  

Head to the top of the Campanile, a tall bell tower and be rewarded with sensational views across the city. Additionally, the square is surrounded by lovely cafes, restaurants and shops so you can grab a bite to eat and watch the world go by. 
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Doge’s Palace & the Bridge of Sighs

Two of the most iconic landmarks in Venice, the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs invite you to discover the history and culture of the city. 

Doge’s Palace enjoys a prime location beside Piazza San Marco and is a mesmerising Gothic-style palace that once housed the Doge of Venice. Today, it has been transformed into a museum where visitors can learn about the history of rulers in Venice and admire the artwork that graces the walls in every room.  

The Bridge of Sighs is an intricately designed bridge that connects the palace to the prison adjacent. Legend states that the bridge was named after the sighs of prisoners as they were led across the bridge, taking one final look at the outside world before being locked away.
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