Into Sardinia

Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian island of Sardinia makes for an idyllic spot for your summer holiday. But should you go to the north or south of the island? 

North Sardinia and south Sardinia have common traits of sprawling coastline and natural landscapes, where you can embrace the outdoors with hikes and mountain biking. Both regions are spectacularly foodie too, with a brilliant local food and wine culture.  

It really depends on what you’re looking for in your holiday. Much of north Sardinia is untouched and invites exploration. It’s also a little more dramatic with dizzying cliffs and a mountain range. “One great place to visit is the unassuming Oliena, which lies in the foothills of the Supramonte Mountains,” says Heather Green, Citalia’s Regional Destination Manager. “This historic town is teeming with traditions and produces the ‘nectar of the gods’, the region’s much guarded and delicious Nepente di Oliena wine.” 

Venture to Santa Teresa Gallura, and you’ll be welcomed by pretty beaches that are drenched in warm sunshine and surrounded by spectacular scenery. From Stintino on the northwest of the island you can take a boat trip to a gorgeous nature reserve, or from the lovely harbour town of Palau you can sail to the stunning Maddalena Islands. But there’s another side to this region too. 

North Sardinia is all about glamour. The famous Costa Smeralda strip is a luxurious coastline of soft white sand and glittering emerald waters, where it’s quite possible to spot celebrity visitors. At the heart of Costa Smeralda lies Porto Cervo, a purposefully-styled resort town that was the brainchild of Prince Karim Aga Khan in the 1960s. You can best witness this characteristic style in the Sottopiazza portico, home to multicoloured balconies and curved alleyways. On the outskirts of Porto Cervo, you’ll find a buzzing nightlife of haute cuisine restaurants and who’s who nightclubs.  

“Couples or groups of friends travelling together will love it here”, adds Heather. “The town adds a harmonious yet chic edge to the surrounding rural landscape”.  

So, with all this in the north, why would you venture south?
South Sardinia is ideal for a good old-fashioned family holiday. There’s such an easy, friendly nature in the south, with several large resorts like Forte Village Resort and Chia Laguna Resort that cater to the whims of every family member. Within, there’s plenty of outdoor activities, adrenaline-fuelled watersports, theme parks, and water parks on offer to keep kids and big kids alike entertained.  

South Sardinia also offers rugged, scenic spots and has a great beach culture for rest and relaxation. “And, if you do want to enjoy a touch of glitz in the south,” adds Heather, “then you can always head to the capital of Sardinia, Cagliari, where you’ll find yacht clubs, golf clubs, and luxury spas. There’s a great culture of fine dining in the restaurants by the harbour.”  

Sardinia is a great self-drive destination, so you can always combine both regions for an ultimate Sardinia experience! 

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