Hidden Italy: Basilicata

At Citalia we have over 90 years’ experience and over this time we have discovered a number of Italian hidden gems that are off the beaten track. We have travelled the country top to bottom, bottom to top, and everything in between to bring you our extensive knowledge and secret treasures.  
Without further ado, introducing the latest in our Hidden Italy series, Citalia’s Choice for July…BASILICATA!  
Relatively undiscovered, Basilicata is a fascinating region with historic hilltop towns, rolling mountain landscapes and excellent cuisine. Here are some of our favourite things about Basilicata for you to enjoy on your next Italian adventure.

Sassi di Matera

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Sassi di Matera transports you to a bygone era. Hidden amongst rugged cliffs, this ancient cave city is one of Basilicata’s hidden gems. Get lost in the maze-like streets and explore the dwellings that have been carefully carved into the rock. Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and discover troglodyte homes and hidden courtyards that tell stories of time gone by. With its mystical beauty and timeless charm, Sassi di Matera has inspired artists, filmmakers and visitors alike.
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Carnival of Tricarico

Experience the captivating Carnival of Tricarico which brings excitement to Basilicata every February. A real feast for the senses, you can join in with the lively, colourful parades as decorated floats make their way through the streets of Tricarico accompanied by rhythm and music. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and join in with the locals as they come together to celebrate and bring the carnival to life.
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Local cuisine

The region of Basilicata is well known for its deliciously wonderful cuisine so why not indulge in the exquisite flavours on your next trip. Basilicata has a rich agricultural heritage with goodness deriving from locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes. Each dish tells a story and showcases the history and culture of the area. Be sure to sample the gastronomic delights by trying peperoni cruschi, fried crispy peppers that are bursting with flavour, or try pignata which is a slow cooked lamb stew and takes you to the heart of Italian tradition.
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Craco is an abandoned town perched on a hilltop with glorious views across the region of Basilicata. Experience the haunting beauty of Craco as you wander through the empty streets which are a popular backdrop for films. A unique and somewhat eerie experience, you can discover the secrets of this interesting ghost town, uncovering its ancient origins and the effect of time. Soak up the sensational views and the rich history of this forgotten town.
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Where can I stay in Basilicata?

We have some excellent hotels available for your next adventure to Basilicata. 

Suite 1-Hybris
Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & Spa, Matera
  • Stay in a unique cave hotel experience in the heart of Matera
  • Feel pampered in one of the southern Italy's best spas
  • Unearth the ancient city of a stone, a UNESCO World Heritage site
Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, Matera
  • Unique property of 18 restored cave rooms
  • Located in the INESCO site of Sassi di Matera

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