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Who do I contact?

If you have had a problem on your holiday, please contact our Customer Relations Team on 0330 332 2161*. We endeavour to reply to the majority of complaints within 21 days at the most, but sometimes it can take us a little longer.

If your comments relate only to the Travel Agent that booked your holiday for you, please contact your Travel Agent to ask the best way to provide them with your comments.


My flight was delayed / cancelled

We are sorry that you experienced a flight delay or cancellation. Under EU Regulations, you have certain rights as a passenger when travelling with an EU airline or from an EU airport. The CAA's website gives full details of these regulations and your rights. In summary:

If your flight has been delayed for more than 2 hours, you should receive relevant refreshments and, if required, overnight accommodation from the airline. The airline is not obliged to offer you a similar standard of accommodation to the one on your booking with us, and no compensation can be offered for a lower rating of accommodation during this type of situation. You should also receive adequate communication about the changes that are happening.

If your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours, you should receive the same care as above. You may also be entitled to compensation unless the delay was outside of the airline's control. You may either contact the airline directly to make this claim, or contact us and we will forward it to them on your behalf. We are unable to pay compensation on behalf of the airline. Airline delay claims can take some time to be processed by them, but unfortunately we do have to wait for their reply before being able to answer your claim.

If you would like to make an historic claim (dating back a maximum of 6 years), we suggest that you contact the airline directly in order to make this process as efficient as possible. Please do pass your claims to us though if you feel more comfortable doing so, and we will forward on the required information.

If you are delayed for longer than 5 hours, you should receive the same care as mentioned above. However, at this point, if you do not wish to travel on the alternative flight offered, you can ask us to request a full refund of your flight cost from the airline instead. Should you choose to do this please be aware that the airline does not have to look after you from that point, so any required refreshments and accommodation will be at your own cost. Also, if the delay is not considered a major change to your holiday overall you will not be entitled to a refund of the rest of your holiday components.

If your flight was delayed or cancelled due to force majeure, whilst the above care options will still apply, you will not be entitled to any compensation for the change.

If you have had to pay for reasonable costs yourself, please ensure you have all the receipts detailing these items. You may either want to send these receipts and any other supporting documents direct to the airline (always keep a copy) or we can send them on for you if you contact us. Please also contact your Travel Insurance in the first instance regarding any additional charges or 'lost nights' of booked accommodation, as they may be able to assist you. If your outbound flight is delayed, your hotel room is held for you by our supplier, so they will not issue a refund of this night automatically.


I did not receive my Flight Extras / Flight class

We are sorry that you did not receive the flight extras or travel class you were expecting - such as seats with extra space, in-flight meals, or Premium class. Please contact us sending in any relevant boarding passes or receipts (please keep copies). We require these when we contact the airline to investigate your complaint. We endeavour to refund any supplements paid as soon as possible and can often supply these refunds within 7 days. However, some queries will need to be answered by the airline and this may take 28 days or more.


My transfer did not go to plan

We are sorry that your transfer did not go to plan. Please contact us detailing what happened and including any receipts or other paperwork related to your claim. We will contact our supplier to investigate and, where possible, get back to you within 7 days.

If you did not contact the local resort staff to resolve the problem at the time, this may affect the level of refund or compensation we are able to offer.


I did not receive the room type I booked

We are sorry that you were disappointed by the room provided to you by our hotelier. We hope that the local concierge was able to help you resolve the problem locally. If you were unable to resolve the problem locally, please contact us. We will investigate your complaint with our supplier within 7 days where possible and, where relevant, refund you the difference in price between the room we confirmed to you and the room provided to you by the hotel. Please be aware that the room shown in our hotel descriptions are examples only and the room you receive may be slightly different, for example it might be a different decorative style, size or bed configuration. This will not automatically be considered a change of room type.

If you did not contact the local resort staff to resolve the problem at the time, this may affect the level of refund or compensation we are able to offer.


There was building work near my hotel / at my hotel

Unfortunately, building work can occur anywhere around the world and at any time. We work with our suppliers to ensure they notify us of any work taking place in hotels or surrounding areas. Sometimes the work is carried out close to the hotel but by 3rd party companies; we will do our best to find out up to date information but it can sometimes prove to be a bit more difficult.

If building work is minor and is not expected to significantly affect your holiday enjoyment we are not obliged to tell you about it, but sometimes we will advise of the work taking place. We understand that sometimes what one person considers to be unobtrusive noise or a minor facility loss, another person may consider to be significant. However, we will make a decision based on our average customer and we are normally unable to offer compensation for minor building work.

If the work is expected to cause a significant loss of enjoyment, then it will be classed as a major change to your holiday. A major change could be, for example, because the work causes a loss of main facility that cannot be replaced, or major disturbance in terms of noise and appearance. When we are aware this type of work is taking place, we will contact you before your holiday to let you know and confirm if alternatives are available. Unfortunately, we are not always aware that this work may start, or it could be due to emergency maintenance. In these cases, we are sorry that your holiday has been affected. We hope that by talking to the concierge, you were able to resolve your complaint locally. If this was not possible, please contact us, including all the details in your email about when the work was taking place, who you spoke to about it, together with any photos and videos you may have taken to substantiate your claim. We will investigate your complaint with our resort staff and the hotel and we will reply to you in full within 28 days at the most.

If you did not contact the local resort staff to resolve the problem at the time, this may affect the level of refund or compensation we are able to offer.


My hotel was not up to the standard expected

The standard and style of a hotel can vary significantly within the official star rating. For example, one four star property can be very different to another, and we know that two customers will have a different opinion about the same hotel. Citalia also give hotels our own ratings that we hope will help you make the best choice for you personally. We are sorry if you were still disappointed during your holiday and we hope that our local concierge was able to help. If you would like to also tell us about the specific points that you felt were below standard, we would very much like to hear your feedback, as we work closely with our hoteliers to improve any issue that our customers may find disappointing. Please contact us and include any photographs that you have taken of those elements that you were disappointed with; these help us to investigate with the hotelier. We will contact you again within 28 days with a reply.

Using the information you provide, we will assess whether the comments you have raised have made a significant change to your holiday and are therefore due compensation. If you did not contact the local resort staff to resolve the problem at the time, this may affect the level of refund or compensation we are able to offer.


I have received an unexpected charge to my credit card from the hotel / the car hire

If you receive an unexplained charge, which is obviously from one of our suppliers, please contact us. Where possible, please call us so that we can start the investigation for you without any delay, and then forward a copy of your credit card bill showing the charge (please feel free to blank out any details other than the required lines showing the charge).

If your query is related to your car hire, please also send us a copy (please keep the original) of your Rental Agreement and any other paperwork as soon as possible. Sending these items often helps speed up the investigation with our suppliers.

We will contact our suppliers immediately on your behalf to query the charge and we hope to get back to you with some information within 72 hours at the most, although this may be 72 hours after receipt of the above items. Sometimes the charge has been made in error and we will ask the supplier to refund your card and charge us as planned. If the refund you receive is less in Sterling than the charge due to exchange rate changes or your bank's currency charges, please just let us know and we will cover the difference. If the supplier forwards us information suggesting the charge is valid, such as refuelling a car or room service in a hotel, we will contact you with the details

If the unexplained charge shows no relation to one of the suppliers you have used on your holiday with us, please contact your card issuer immediately to report the debit and to advise them that you are unsure what it relates to. Your card issuer may be able to give you more information about the charge, or it may be fraudulent. If you are told that it relates to one of our suppliers, please follow the instructions above.