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The Basics

What wedding packages do you offer? What do they include?

We offer a classic wedding package, which includes the following elements of your wedding:

  • The services of a personal wedding planner prior to and for the length of your stay
  • Meeting with your wedding planner upon arrival
  • Collection and attendance of your wedding planner to obtain your marriage certificate
  • Certificate from the town hall and all town hall fees
  • Fees for the wedding license and UK consular fees
  • Organisation and renting of the ceremony venue
  • Posy for the bride and buttonhole for the groom
  • A translator for the ceremony

We also offer deluxe packages with additional benefits - ask one of our experts for more information. 

What is not included in the wedding package?

Any extras that you would want to book to enhance your special day. This would include flowers, a photographer, make up, music to accompany the ceremony and a reception. These can all be organised by your wedding planner in Italy.

How much do packages cost?

The cost will differ depending on the time of day, day of the week and where in Italy you are getting married.

Who will we speak to about the wedding?

You will book the wedding package with one of our Italy Experts. Once the booking is confirmed, you will be given the contact details of a dedicated wedding planner in resort. You can liaise with them to organise all the elements of your wedding - from flowers to the evening reception. Our weddings team here in the UK can help you with any questions and queries you may have about documents, logistics and legal requirements. 

What is the latest that the wedding can be confirmed?

We recommend you book your holiday and the wedding ceremony no later than 12 weeks prior to departure. This will then give us enough time to organise all the necessary legal documentation for you.

When do we need to pay for the wedding ceremony?

A deposit needs to taken for the wedding ceremony at the time of booking; this will be in addition to the deposit required for the holiday.

For all direct bookings made, the remaining balance on your Citalia holiday will be required 12 weeks prior to travel.

What name should the bride travel under?

The bride must travel under her maiden name for the entirety of the journey because the name on the flight tickets MUST be the same as their passport. Once the bride has returned home, she will then be able to change the name on her passport.

Can we renew our vows in Italy?

You can renew your vows in the beautiful locations of Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Venice, Lake Como and Lake Garda. The renewal of vows are not legally binding so the only information you will be required to provide us with will be the details of your original wedding, including dates, names, and location.

We would like a pre-wedding visit to our chosen destination; can we visit the wedding venue and meet with our wedding planner?

Yes, we can book you a short break so you can visit/inspect the area you have chosen for your wedding. Civil ceremony venues in Italy are open to the public so you will be able to visit the place where you will be exchanging your vows.

Your wedding planner will be very happy to meet you and guide you through all the processes of getting married in Italy and all the details of your big day, face to face. There is a charge for this service, which is then refundable or can be applied to locally booked extras once your wedding booking is confirmed. 


"Work with your local wedding planner to achieve the wedding of your dreams within your required budget. They have access to a number of contacts to offer you a variety of optional extras to enhance your wedding, as well as recommendations for your wedding reception." - Karen, Weddings Team


The Ceremony

When can we get married?

In Sorrento, civil weddings can be performed Monday to Friday between the hours of 10:00 and 13:00 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 15:30 and 17:30. For out-of-hours ceremonies (subject to availability) at the town hall, there is a supplement. In Lake Garda we offer weddings Monday to Friday, and subject to a supplement we can also arrange out of hours weddings (evenings and weekends) at all locations. Please call for the latest availability and prices.

Can we get married in the hotel?

Unfortunately weddings cannot take place in any of our hotels, but many of our hotels would be very happy to accommodate a private dinner or reception after the ceremony.

Who will conduct the service and does it matter if we have no guests joining us?

The ceremony will be conducted by a local registrar, and you will be required to have at least two witnesses attend during the ceremony. The witnesses can travel out as friends/family but if this is not possible it is fine for the couple to ask someone in Italy to be a witness once they arrive.

Witnesses can be provided at a charge.

Will the ceremony be in English?

Yes, the wedding co-ordinator will translate the ceremony for you. The ceremony lasts approximately 20 minutes.

What should we wear on the day?

If you choose to wear traditional bride/groom wear or just smart wear, we suggest lightweight fabric to avoid getting too hot in the warm sunny climate of Italy (especially in high season).


"Purchase a sturdy empty box that will fit within the airlines hand baggage requirements, to transport your dress in. Not only will this be the safest way to carry your dress, but the box will then provide the perfect storage option for your dress when you return home ." - Karen, Weddings Team


Legal Requirements

What legal documentation is required to get married in Italy?

You will be required to send the following documentation to us no later than 10 weeks prior to departure. Documentation required:

  • Original Certificate of Non-Impediment for the bride and groom (obtained from your local registrar)**.
  • Original Statutory Declaration (made before a solicitor or public notary in the UK)**.
  • Photocopy of the page containing your photo for both valid passports.
  • Photocopy of the page containing photo for valid passports for two witnesses (if you are providing your own).
  • Application form.
  • Divorced/widowed women will need to send a photocopy of their Decree Absolute/previous husband's Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate.

** Your Certificate of Non-Impediment and Statutory Declaration will both need to be sent to the FCO legalisation office to be legalised before you send them to us. You will receive instructions for how to do this in your documentation paperwork. 


C/O Citalia Weddings Department

Citalia Holidays Ltd

The Atrium

London Road


West Sussex

RH10 9SR



"Paperwork requirements can first appear quite daunting. We are here to make sure all documents are accepted by the local authorities and any queries that may arise with your paperwork are overcome long before your big day. That way you can travel to resort safe in the knowledge that everything is in place for your marriage license to be issued." - Karen, Weddings Team



Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, couples getting married in Italy must be over the age of 18 years.

Will our wedding be legally recognised in the UK?

Yes, your wedding will be legal in accordance with British Law and will be registered in the country in which the wedding took place (Italy). Customers will receive full documentation including their wedding certificate before they leave Italy.

Are there any other restrictions?

Please note that under Italian law, a woman who has been divorced or widowed and wishes to re-marry in Italy cannot do so until 300 days have passed from the date of her divorce/death of husband.