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Smart travel

We recognise the importance of caring for the environment and its people, so when devising and operating our holidays we carefully consider our social and environmental impacts so that the future generations may continue to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of Italy.

Our Vision

We are proud to be part of TUI Group who believe we should enable people to explore and enjoy the world without harming it based on a commitment to sustainable development. While we acknowledge we have a long way to go on this journey, we recognise that the success of our business goes hand in hand with the way we treat our environment and people in our destinations.

Sustainable accommodation in Italy

world care fund Working alongside the Federation of Tour Operators, we are leading the way and have started using the Travelife system to encourage our hotels to grade themselves with regards to their environmental and social impact, things like reducing the amount of energy and water they use, using locally produced food, and making sure the people who work there have fair working conditions.

So far, we are delighted to find features such as some hotel pools heated via solar panels, produce grown on site, and EU-approved environmental certificates. Caring for the environment doesn't just mean 'green' policies; it's also about cultural heritage. Indeed, Citalia offers private apartments and villas in Tuscany & Puglia that have been restored to retain their original features, keeping alive Italy's heritage.

If charm and character is high on the agenda, Puglia's trulli whitewashed stone houses with dome-shaped roofs, deliver an authentic Italian experience that's easy on the conscience. New for 2010 we are delighted to include in our portfolio the delightful Trullo Terra Sessana which has been charmingly restored for comfort and tranquillity in a peaceful setting. All the original architectural features have been preserved, from the characteristic archways to the paved floors.

Or try an ancient masseria (manor farm), the Masseria Montelauro offers the perfect country retreat that's big on character.

Sustainable travel in Italy


A comparison of rail and air on the London-Paris route shows that train journeys generate about 10 times less carbon dioxide per passenger* than flying. And just think no airport queues, no waiting (nay praying) for your luggage to arrive at the other end just spectacular views and stress-free travel all the way. What's more, Italy is particularly well served for trains, with regular Eurostar services, the luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and excellent national and local rail routes, with Rail Europe and Trenitalia (including high speed services such as Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, connecting major Italian cities) to take you to Italy comfortably and efficiently - and causing less impact on the environment.
* Source: T&E European Federation for transport.


If you intend to make the most of your Italian experience, a car is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting around. And it's still possible to limit the impact of your road trips. Hertz's 'Green Collection' of cars boasts emission levels below the voluntary levels set by the EU for the European Automobile Manufacturers' Associtaion**. In addition, maximise your holiday time and reduce carbon emissions by not losing your way with the latest Hertz Neverlost GPS satellite navigation as your guide! **weighted CO2 output less than 140g/km, achieving 40-65 MPG (depending on vehicle size)


We are keen to promote alternative means of travel that will contribute to a more sustainable present and future, but we also accept that air travel is a significant part of our holiday industry. As such, we keep ourselves aware of the environmental impact of our transport suppliers and we are pleased to help them in their efforts towards improving their sustainability.

Climate Change

climatecare Reducing our C02 emissions over the next 5 years. We're working on reducing the Office Carbon Footprint, plus how we are working with ClimateCare to reduce emissions on a worldwide scale!

Our People

Involving and empowering our colleagues. We at Citalia are trying to make a difference, and highlight how our planet is at peril.

Our Customers

Creating and satisfying customer demand for sustainability.

world care fund World Care Fund donates to the Travel Foundation, the No. 1 charity for tourism in the UK and ClimateCare, a company which enables us to support Gold Standard accredited carbon offsetting projects.

You can help us to make a difference, by donating just £1 per person to the World Care Fund. We will match each donation. Your money goes towards projects that help make up for the impact holidaymakers have on the environment, and look after communities around the world. If you would like to join us and make a difference, say "e;yes"e; to your World Care Fund donation when you book a holiday and we'll take care of the rest.

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